Last year, the news came out that Madonna was going to the Philippines to have a tour of her new album – the Rebel Heart. My cousin, being a major fan of Madonna wanted to watch her – it was a dream come true for her. When she asked me if I wanted to watch, I immediately agreed because I also wanted to watch her given that she was a Pop Icon and she defined an era or a generation. Not much of a fan of Madonna but then I knew a lot of songs as well. Hello, 32 years of being in the industry, how can you not, right?

The concert was held at the SM MOA Arena. A place that is familiar to me. I have already watched around 2 concerts there – Backstreet Boys (a Boy Band that defined my generation) and Zedd (EDM DJ something that I am truly into). The venue was really awesome. Nice stage, nice props. The works, if you ask me.

As for Madonna, I never saw her in concert. I don’t know much about her. I just knew her because she is very popular.

Unfortunately though, the set list was not nice. The first few songs that were presented were from the Rebel Heart Album which I am not familiar with. What really bothered me was that she was doing some things that to me were very sacrilegious. I am a Catholic by the way. So I didn’t really appreciate it that much.

But then there were some songs that I really liked as well.

True Blue

Deeper and Deeper

Like a Virgin


La Isla Bonita

Yes, I have to hand it to her. Great effects. Great stage. Great costumes. But sorry, I still didn’t like the show. I am actually quite unsure if the crowd liked the show. I think they were somewhat receptive or is it just me because of my initial feelings already at the beginning of the show. I was not sure if they were having a good time but honestly, I didn’t. And I don’t think I would see her again.