The sequel to the Popoy and Basha love story. The first movie was something that I watched after my first break up. I wonder how this would fair. 🙂


True to life. That is my personal and honest opinion of this movie. Marriage isn’t perfect and this movie gives you an overview of what married life is all about. Happiness. Sadness. But still working it out in the end.

I actually really like this movie. Some say, I’m a romantic but honestly, I dont think I am. I think that I am one tough cookie and I know what reality is all about – all too well. This is contrary to what other people think of me.

I’ve seen marriages crumble and fall and I know why couples stay together despite the hardships. This is the truth. It’s no bed of roses for marriages.

And this is why I think this is a great movie. An eye-opener to the younger set who I think have romanticized love soo much that the reality of it all is gone.

In the article of, highlighted was this quote:

“Our mariage is everything we never hoped for. Masaya sya. Minsan malungkot. Minsan, masakit. Minsan, ang pangit. Pero… ‘yon sya. That’s marriage.”

And that’s the truth. So in the hope of marriage, don’t expect something perfect. Always ask for something that is perfect for you. Something that you can hack and tackle.

Aside from the plot of the movie, everything was great. The cinematography, the tone, the music and sounds and the acting. I would think this is going to be one of the classic Filipino films a few years from now.

I think this movie, I will be keeping for life. Something that I might dig up again and again in the future.